Umbrella Project


Umbrella Project is a universe based on the fight between survival and biological dangers, where participants through gamified rewards will have fun earning money. Players can choose to survive, fight for their lives, or develop - using science - biological weapons to create chaos. All people will have easy access to all artistic resources and data within the Umbrella Project, allowing community developers to create their own tools and elements, using their skill and ingenuity, and develop within the Umbrella Project ecosystem. Although the project is still in the development stage, we inform you that we are actively working to make a difference and position ourselves as an excellent alternative when it comes to interacting within a PvP game play to earn money. We want to establish a united community - despite the differences - whatever the faction the user chooses, similar to a social network, where the values ​​of an organized community reign: respect, solidarity, and competitiveness, values ​​that characterize us, and we carry as a banner. There are several elements that characterize us and will make us different from the rest of the games on the market, because we have extracted the best of the most relevant games, creating our own asset, our Umbrella financial asset ($ UMBL), based exclusively on versatility, stability and sustainability. The user, through their contribution to the ecosystem, will enjoy surprising benefits, hence the name "play to win." We believe that the video game industry is evolving, in an ecosystem where not only people buy access to a game, but they are also taking advantage of it.

Here we present them, the ways in that the participants can obtain profits inside our platform:

· Exploring different city zones with the purpose to find unseen rewards (for example: reward tokens, objects cards –NFTs-, and experience)

· Infecting different city zones, with the purpose to obtain only rewards (for example: reward tokens, objects cards –NFTs-, and experience)

· Challenging in battles PvP (Player vs Player) to win classification prizes inside the game.

· Incubating kinds of virus or developing vaccines, leave them by a determinate time in staking to obtain only profits, or, commercialise them in the Marketplace.

· Collecting Legendary and Mythical objects to take position inside the game.

· Purchasing the different plots and obtaining passive income allowing that other players explore inside them, which are delivered across all the map of the city.

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