City Plots

Raccoon City is gone. The 'Home of Umbrella', where this prestigious pharmaceutical firm began operations. A fantastic company, which has taken care of us at all times and in all places, offering us its best pharmaceutical products, with the highest technology in cell regeneration. It sounds great, but unfortunately and mysteriously, so much years later from its fall, strange things are happening, again.

This New City is divided into SIX zones (S1, S1b, S2, S2b, S3, S4) in which various plots of symbolic land are distributed, without a limited number of them. Users can purchase them through the DAPP (

By acquiring these plots that function as resource nodes, players can use them to obtain $UMBL and EPIC, LEGENDARY and MYTHICAL Exclusive NFTs.

City Land Plots are immersive maps, where only the owners of these lands have the possibility of obtaining NFTs of EPIC, LEGENDARY and MYTHICAL rarities as a reward.

There is no established maximum number of plots, since this does not affect the financial ecosystem of the game. Each user by unlocking the land map, will be able to get the rewards mentioned above. There is no maximum number of plots that a user can have in their possession.

Playing on plots not consume energy points, but can only be played a limited number of times per day.

We have thought that the plots will serve to capitalize the players within the Umbrella Project, and that they have the possibility of obtaining NFTs of exclusive rarities, which can be equipped to improve their game statistics, give to other users, or sell them in the Marketplace.

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