Next Generation Games

Free to play. Play to earn. (F2P.P2E)

We are building a unique infrastructure that builds on the growing DeFi ecosystem and combines it with gaming via unique NFTs.

By utilizing liquidity pools, performance farming, and NFTs, the GameFi infrastructure will not only find the best performance strategies for users, but will also generate unique NFTs that can be used in a multitude of games. This gives Umbrella Project users the unique ability to play for free and earn money in a single process.

Imagine a series of games in which you don't spend your hard-earned money to buy characters or game resources, but rather a savings account in which the more you save, the more resources you'll earn and the more characters, objects, and resources you can summon.

By providing liquidity to certain BIOCRATES (supply boxes), BIOCRATES contracts will automatically deliver the best performance for users by utilizing optimal performance farming strategies, giving you the possibility of accelerated and unique growth within the game progress. The utility that encompasses the financial ecosystem of a surprise security token will be announced after the first liquidity, when the corresponding Smart contracts are signed.

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