Our Vision

Our project is designed from the perspective of creating something different from everything that exists in the cryptocurrency market. We sincerely believe that the money revolution has been underway for years and we are committed to it, minute by minute.

In every transaction made, there is a story, a wish, and an opportunity. We also understand people's decisions, so in almost all games of this type, there are not only lovers of them, but also speculative intentions that generate high risks. That is why our project focuses on sustainability. It is ridiculous to think that a person can recover all of their investment within a few days of having positioned the capital, since every time a game gave that possibility, their market went through unprecedented volatilities, spoiling all the effort in a very short time to create said ecosystem -of years-.

A game to win, in our opinion, should be characterized by sustainability over time and financial stability. A gradual, sustained and progressive growth is what we have designed through our tokenomics, the ecosystem of financial assets that we manage and where users actively participate. A fixed currency issue makes assets deflationary in quantity and valuable in price, according to the way users interact and their decisions.

As various blockchain game projects are launched, our Team is constantly analyzing the positive and negative things that many of them have in order to create an innovative product without errors, solving some actual pre-existing problems.

That is why we have a specialized group of experts in cryptographic code programming, designers, illustrators, experts in marketing and audiovisual communication, as well as a group of high-level economists who analyze market scenarios, to make optimal decisions. We have the ideal mechanism so that our financial assets last over time, and constitute sustained and sustainable earnings –active and / or passive-, since thanks to this financial education tools have a real meaning.

Umbrella Project is more than a simple investment, it is a financial ecosystem, where the participants will obtain active earnings –playable- and passive by creating real opportunities for other users to also win and develop, thus generating a universe of feedback and equity.

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